As Grade 8 students at the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) prepare for their entry into Grade 9, we wanted to update families on the de-streaming of Grade 9 and 10 courses.

De-streaming in Grade 9

As of September 2022, Grade 9 students are no longer required to choose between Applied or Academic level courses. This change is the result of strong evidence across Waterloo Region and Ontario that supports not having Grade 8 students choose between Applied and Academic courses. The goal of de-streaming is to provide more equitable graduation and achievement outcomes, and increased access to all Grade 11 course options, for all students.

Additionally, by September 2023, three new Grade 9 courses will be released by the Ministry of Education:

  • English (ENL1W),
  • Mathematics (MTH1W), and
  • Science (SNC1W).

All other Grade 9 courses are offered at only one level, either Open (O in the course code) or Academic (D in the course code).

De-streaming in Grade 10

The WRDSB has extended de-streaming into Grade 10 to ensure students have all the rich opportunities they are entitled to. By September 2024, most students will take only Academic courses in their Grade 10 year. Our goal is to support all students in a high level of academic and personal success and an environment of high expectations combined with individualized support. By implementing this program, all students will have access to all options in their Grade 11 year.

Learn more about De-streaming for Secondary Students.

Questions about de-streaming?

If you have questions about de-streaming, go to Frequently Asked Questions About De-streaming.

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