Online School Tour

We have put together a photo and video tour of the school so that students can preview what the building looks like before our official orientation day.

Click here to access the photo and video tour

Grade 9 Orientation Day

Date:  TBA

Time:  TBA

*** This is not a drop-in program.  Please arrive on time and plan to attend the whole day ***

Location:  Meet in the Huron Heights Gymnasium

If you are registered to attend Huron, you don’t need to sign up.  Just show up!  We have you on our  list.  Please do not bring your parents.  This is a student only event!

All new grade nine students are invited to attend.  Every year  almost every grade nine student shows up to this orientation session.  Led by senior students known as The Husky Pack, grade nines will experience their first high-impact school assembly, small group orientation to the school, a school tour, and a free BBQ where they will have a chance to meet their teachers.   Grade nines will receive their timetables and will have time to find all their classes prior to the first day of school.

For up to date information, our official Instagram feed is @huronheightss

Also, make sure you download our school App with an updated event calendar, school info, and day planner!

The First Day of School…

Go to the cafeteria right away and pick up your *official* timetable.  In very rare instances, something may change over the weekend since orientation day.


  • Lock for your locker (Locks are available for $5 in the main office if you need to buy one)
  • Materials for your classes (binders, paper, writing utensils)
  • A book to read in your MSIP class.

Start-up packages to update students’ personal information will be given to you in your MSIP class.  It is very important that parents/guardians fill these out immediately and return them to the main office the next day.

When do I bring money to buy Student Cards, etc…?

Click here for information about activity and athletic packages

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Stay tuned to the Huron Heights webpage for the date of this important event.

Parents can speak one-on-one with teachers.  Unlike in elementary school, parents-teacher interviews at the high school level are not appointment based.  Due to the busy nature of this popular evening, interviews are limited to a maximum of 5 minutes.  Parents are encouraged to book personal appointments with teachers to be held at an alternate date/time if extended conversations are required.

Huron Heights clothing and spirit wear will be available for sale at this event.  This is a good Christmas gift idea!  We accept cash or cheques payable to Huron Heights Secondary School.