Department Members

M. Marina
J. Merritt
L. Shantz – Department Head
S. Trothen

Husky Art

The Visual Arts Department at HHSS offers programs in the areas of comprehensive art, media arts, and digital photography. Students can choose from a variety of courses and levels to find an art class that best suits them.

The department’s course offerings include:

Grade 9 – AVI 1OI
Grade 10 – AVI 2OI, ASM 2OI
Grade 11 – AVI 3OI, AVI 3MI, ASM 3OI, ASM 3MI, AWQ 3MI, AWE 3MI
Grade 12 – AVI 4MI, AVI 4EI, ASM 4MI, ASM 4EI, AWQ 4MI

Please note that not all courses run each year.  Availability of courses relies on student enrollment.

What Are the Differences Between the Various Types of Art?

Comprehensive Art

Comprehensive art courses offer students an opportunity to explore traditional art forms such as drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, etc… as well as learn about the history of art.  These courses build progressively from grade nine to grade twelve in difficulty and build on the previous year’s skills.  Comprehensive art courses start with the letters AVI and may be offered at the open, college/university and workplace levels depending on the grade level.

Media Art

Media art courses provide an avenue for students to experience new technologies and how they interact and build on the traditional arts.  Students explore such areas as image manipulation, sound recording and editing, video recording and editing, animation, and web design.  Media art courses start with the letters ASM and begin in grade 10. They are also offered at the open, college/university and workplace levels depending on the grade level.

Digital Photography

Our digital photography program begins in grade 11 and is only offered at the college/university level.  Students learn the basics about how a digital SLR camera works and basic skills in taking and using computers as a digital darkroom in grade 11.  The grade 12 course is designed for students who are looking at using their photography skills at a post-secondary level.  Students are strongly encouraged to have their own digital SLR camera to use so that they will develop more confidence with their own equipment and be able to explore subjects and photo opportunities not available to them exclusively at school. Students continue to develop their composition skills along with camera skills but also learn more advanced Photoshop techniques.

Information/Consumer Design (Yearbook)

This course will help students develop practical skills in the areas of photography, image manipulation, design and layout, research and writing, and marketing. Students will be developing skills in order to work both individually and cooperatively in order to create a school yearbook.