“The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein


Department Members

Ms. L. Ollerhead (Coordinator)  ex 77740635
Ms. K. Brook  ex 77740730
Ms. S. Stockford ex 77741687
Mr. D. Furtado ex 77743037


● helping students acquire skills and knowledge related to a
community experience

● providing opportunities for students to inquire and reflect on their
experiential learning in order to gain a greater knowledge of
themselves and their potential opportunities and a growing
understanding of how they can shape their future

● providing personalized experiences to meet students’ particular
learning and motivational needs

Co-op Format

The course is divided into 4 components

● Pre-Experience: getting ready for the experience (resume, cover
letters, interview prep) and safety training
● Experience: a personalized learning experience
● Reflection Days: days where we reflect and set goals to improve
and build on the experiential learning
● Final Reflections: reflection on the overall experience and next

Co-op Information Hub 

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