Welcome to the Family Studies and Humanities Department

Mrs. S. Stockford (Department Head)

Mrs. A. Barr

Ms. C. Collins

Ms. A. Goddard

Ms. K. Jamieson

Ms. L. Kyle

Ms. J. Reaburn

Mrs. J. Tupling

Mrs. M. Wein

Courses Offered

Grade 9 and 10:
HFN1OI or HFN2OI Food and Nutrition– Open
HIF1OI or HIF2OI Exploring Family Studies – Open

Grade 11:
HLS3OI Housing and Home Design – Open
HNC3CI Understanding Fashion – College
HPC3OI Raising Healthy Children -Open

Grade 12:

HFA4CI Nutrition and Health – College
HFA4UI Nutrition and Health – University
HHG4MI Human Development throughout the Lifespan – University/College
HHS4UI Families in Canada – University
HIP4OI Personal Life Management – Open
HNB4MI The World of Fashion – University/College