Family Studies and Humanities (2022 – 2023)

Mrs. S. Stockford (Department Head)

Mrs. A. Barr

Ms. C. Collins

Ms. A. Goddard

Ms. R. Hibbard

Ms. L. Kyle

Ms. J. Reaburn

Mrs. J. Tupling

Mrs. M. Wein



Courses Offered: (2022-2023)

Grade 9 and 10:
HFN1OI or HFN2OI Food and Nutrition– Open
HIF1OI or HIF2OI Exploring Family Studies – Open

Grade 11:
HLS3OI Housing and Home Design – Open
HNC3CI Understanding Fashion – College
HPC3OI Raising Healthy Children -Open

Grade 12:

HFA4CI Nutrition and Health – College
HFA4UI Nutrition and Health – University
HHG4MI Human Development throughout the Lifespan – University/College
HHS4UI Families in Canada – University
HIP4OI Personal Life Management – Open
HNB4MI The World of Fashion – University/College
HPD4CI Working with School-Age Children and Adolescents – College