Special Education

Who’s Who in Special Education?


Resource Team Members:

Ms. D. Kewley –¬†Head of Special Education

Ms. K. Adeniyi – Special Education Resource Teacher

Ms. D. Constable РEducational Assistant

Ms. G. Gilkinson – Educational Assistant

Mr. M. Rubicini – Special Education Resource Teacher

Ms. A. Sills – Educational Assistant

Ms. J. Tupling – Special Education Resource Teacher

Mrs. B. Wigmore – Special Education Resource Teacher


The Resource Centre is a learning hub in HHSS which supports student achievement.
Staff in the Resource Centre:
– Provide supports for students
– Work one on one with students in Resource MSIP and during regular class time
– Create and manage student IEPs
– Provide accommodations as outlined in a student’s IEP
– Coordinate or share information related to enrichment activities


Developmental Education Team Members:

Ms. B. Kurtz – Congregated Classroom Teacher

Ms. C. Dickson – Educational Assistant

Ms. J. Kennedy – Educational Assistant

Ms. C. Scheerer – Educational Assistant

Ms. J. Voisin – Educational Assistant


Life Skills Team Members:

Mr. I. McGaire – Congregated Classroom Teacher

Ms. D. Constable – Educational Assistant

Ms. M. Humphrey – Educational Assistant

Ms. N. Mbambo – Educational Assistant