Student Cards

A student card is required for:

  • School dances + semi-formal + prom
  • Club members
  • Participation in student activities & intramurals
  • Athletic team members
  • Band & choir members

The student card covers a wide range of costs such as sports equipment and upkeep, uniforms, instrument replacement, tech equipment, prizes for student activity events, bus transportation for specific events and sports teams, library resources, and so on.

How do I get a student card?

Student Cards, Yearbooks, and Weight Room Passes are available for purchase on picture day – Wednesday, September 12.  Prices are discounted for one full week.  After Thursday, September 20 the prices go up.

After picture day, these items can be purchased at the Activities Office during the lunch hour.

We also have yearbooks from past years available.

Cheques are payable to Huron Heights Secondary School.

2018/19 Prices

Student card:             $30

Yearbook:                   $55 ($65 after September 20)

Weight room pass:    $55 ($60 after September 20, or $30 for semester 2 only)

Pup Pack – Student Card + Yearbook      $80 (deal only available until September 20)

Power Pack – Student Card + Yearbook + Weight Room Pass     $120 (deal only available until September 20)