Student Cards are free to all students (school picture is required)

We encourage you to participate in extra-curricular activities, however, you will need to pay the WRDSB Activity fee in order to participate in activities such as, but not limited to:

  • School dances + semi-formal + prom
  • All club members
  • Participation in student activities & intramurals
  • All athletic team members
  • All band & choir members
  • Fitness Room

How do I get a Student Card?

First, you need to have your school picture taken on Wednesday, September 13th.   If you miss getting your picture taken, photo retake is Wednesday, November 1st .  We will distribute student cards once they become available from Edge Imaging.

How do I pay the WRDSB Student Activity Fee?

The WRDSB Activity Fee is available for purchase on School-Day.  We encourage you to participate in extra-curricular activity, however, you need to pay a fee.

We also have yearbooks from past years available.

Husky Activity Pricing

PLEASE NOTE:  As of February 2, 2024, the fitness room is now $25.00 + $40.00 WRDSB Activity Fee.