• New to Huron Heights?
  • Joining us for Grade 9?
  • New to the area?
  • Transferring from another school?

You are only a ‘click’ away from starting the registration process.

Please note that filling out the registration forms or completing an online registration request does not acknowledge acceptance to Huron Heights Secondary School and that all registrations may be subject to interviews.

Registration Procedure:

Registrations are subject to an appointment with a vice-principal and guidance counsellor.

Grade 8 students applying to Huron Heights for grade 9 in September 2019 and who are currently attending a WCDSB/or private grade 8 school and live within the Huron Heights school boundary for the public board may submit an application by MARCH 1 2019. Please print off the grade 9 registration package and follow the instructions listed under question #2 below.


#1 – Do you live within the Huron Heights school boundary?

Please click on the following link to determine if you live in our school’s boundary. You will need to have the street name, number and grade level of your child and please also choose Waterloo Region District School Board from the drop down:


#2 – Part of the registration process is to complete an application. You may do this on paper or online.

Paper Application:

Grade 9 Registration Package 19/20

Grade 9 Enrichment Application 2019

– this must be printed, completed and brought with you to your registration appointment
if the student is currently attending a WCDSB or a private grade 8 school, lives within the HHSS school boundary for high school and wishes to attend grade 9 in the public board, this registration application is due MARCH 1 2019. You may submit this application with the proper documentation in one of the following ways: drop it off at the guidance office, fax it to the school at 519-896-2631 or scan and email it to

Grade 10-12 Registration Package 20192020

-this must be printed, completed and brought with you to your registration appointment

Online Application:

Click on the following link to submit your application electronically: and click on the sign in button in the upper right hand corner. If this is your 1st time using online registration you will have to click on the Parent/Guardian link found under the heading Don’t Have An Account and register with the WRDSB.


#3 – Please contact the guidance office to make a registration appointment.

You may telephone us at 519-896-2631 Ext. 5520 or choose option 4 from the menu, or you may email to schedule a registration appointment.


#4 – All registrations require the following documentation at the time of your appointment:

  1. If your child was born in Canada, we require a birth certificate, birth registration, baptismal certificate or passport.
    If your child was born outside of Canada and is now a Canadian Citizen, we require their Canadian Citizenship card or certificate or passport.
    If your child is a permanent resident, we require their permanent residency card or their record of landing from immigration.
    If your child is neither a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident, then you must start the registration process by clicking on the following link and answering the questions in sequence:
  2. Proof of address is required for all registrations. Acceptable documents are: telephone bill, hydro bill, utilities bill, agreement to purchase (if you have purchased a home) or a rental agreement.
  3. A transcript from your child’s former school and/or their most recent report card.
  4. Your child’s IEP if applicable.
  5. Optional: the vice-principal may require an attendance profile from your child’s former school.

New Grade 9 Students** for 2019/2020 school year: 

**Please note the above steps are only required for students wishing to enroll at Huron Heights from outside of our school board. Students entering grade 9 from a grade 8 school within the Waterloo Region District School Board will be registering through their current grade 8 school and entering their courses online at MY Way. Please contact the guidance office at 519-896-2631 Ext 5520 if you have any questions.