History and Social Sciences Staff
Mr. Lindsay (Department Head)

Mr. Bowman

Mr. Ashley

Mr. Carruthers

Ms. Dokas

Ms. Tupling

Ms. Rapson

Ms. Gellatly

Mr. Ozimok

Ms. Clegg

Mr. Derreck




Courses Offered:
CHC2DI Canadian History Academic
CHC2PI Canadian History Applied
CHV2OH Civics Open
CHW3MI World History to the 16th Century College/University
CHT3OI 20th Century World History Open
HSP3CI Introduction to Psychology/Sociology/Anthropology College
HSP3UI Introduction to Psychology/Sociology/Anthropology University

CLU3MI Canadian Law College/University
CLU3EI  Canadian Law Essential
HSB4UI  Sociology University
CHY4UI West and the World University
CLN4UI International Law University
CHM4EI Adventures in World History Essential
HRT3MI World Religions