History and Social Sciences Staff
Mr. Lindsay (Department Head)

Mr. Ashley

Ms. Dokas

Ms. Tupling

Ms. Gellatly

Mr. Ozimok

Mr. Derreck


Courses Offered:
CHC2DI Canadian History Academic
CHC2PI Canadian History Applied
CHV2OH Civics Open
CHW3MI World History to the 16th Century College/University
CHT3OI 20th Century World History Open
HSP3CI Introduction to Psychology/Sociology/Anthropology College
HSP3UI Introduction to Psychology/Sociology/Anthropology University

CLU3MI Canadian Law College/University
CLU3EI  Canadian Law Essential
HSB4UI  Sociology University
CHY4UI West and the World University
CLN4UI International Law University
CHM4EI Adventures in World History Essential
HRT3MI World Religions