hhss crest

The school’s official crest is steeped in history and is symbolic of the core beliefs and values that we have established as a school community.

It is divided into three distinct areas representing the three different school buildings that have been built on or near the current site.

The jagged line is a medieval symbol for fire. The original Strasburg School burned to the ground and a second school was burned as part of firefighter training in 1964.

The Trillium and Maple Leaf are the emblems of our province and our country. We believe in this great nation and are proud citizens of the province of Ontario.

As a tribute to the Mennonite settlers who came to this area from New York and Pennsylvania, the historic Pioneer Memorial Tower sits proudly atop the school banner.

The Mohawks shared this area with the immigrating pioneers. Prominently displayed is our model of the Tree of Peace. It has seven branches to represent the seven future goals of a Huron Heights graduate: academically accomplished; literate and articulate; proud of oneself and HHSS; healthy and physically fit; good citizen; employable; and life-long learner. The roots extend in all directions to embrace everyone and the trunk represents each unique individual who attends Huron Heights.

Finally, our motto—“E Concordia Fortitudo”—is surrounded by a rope that descends to the bottom of the crest to a tightly held knot. This represents our belief that “As Huskies we all pull together!”

We thank Jill Dobson, an extremely talented Huron Heights graduate, who persevered through the design process and who brought our crest to life.