Choose Wisely!

Course Selection Presentations for 2022/2023 will begin the week of January 17 2022.

If you missed the live google meet and the slide show or need a reminder, the slide decks are available below:


Slide Deck Link


Grade 9-10 Course Selections 2022-2023


Grade 10-11 Course selection 2022-2023


Grade 11-12 Course Selection 2022-2023


 Grade 12 Course Selection 2022-2023

Choosing Your Courses:

When: Course selection for September 2022 will begin January 2022! Instructions of how and when will be communicated to the students through their guidance google classroom.
Where: Students will log into their MyWay account to pick courses.
Due Date: Course requests for next year are due by MARCH 1 2022.
How: Don’t panic! You have lots of time to plan ahead.

Course Calendars for 2022/2023:

Course Calendar Booklet 20222023

Grade 9 Supplement 20222023

Annual Education Plan 20222023


Sign up for Specialist High Skills Major aka SHSM

Please note that you must be in grade 11 or 12 to participate in SHSM. If you are in grade 10, you may sign up at course selection time for your grade 11 year.

Please click on this link to sign up:  SHSM Sign-up

Course Calendars for 2021/2022:

Course Calendar Booklet 20212022