The WRDSB Assessment and Evaluation Period for the end of Semester 1 will occur from January 31st to February 2, 2023 (secondary school year calendar). Teachers have the flexibility to provide a variety of methods for students to demonstrate their growth, and confirm their learning. Classroom teachers will clearly communicate with their students and their families what the learning expectations are on these days.

ACE students and students in other congregated Priority 1 Programs will attend school with regular programming.

Types of Final Evaluation: performance based tasks, portfolios, demonstrations, projects, exit interviews, conferences, and exams.

Exams: Exams will only be administered in select grade 11 and 12 courses. All exams will be 75 minutes in length. Students will have up to double time (150 minutes) to complete the exam.

Credit Rescue Opportunities: Some students will be expected to attend on these days in order to complete demonstration of learning expectations necessary for course credit.

Study Areas: The Library will be open for those who wish to engage in quiet study. The cafeteria will also be open for those who need to work collaboratively together. Please note the cafeteria servery will not be open for food sales.

Good to Note: School buses run on their regular schedule during these three days. There will be no field trips, WCSSAA games or practices, and no school events for 5 days prior to the end of semester Assessment and Evaluation Days (January 24 – 30, 2023).
HHSS Assessment & Evaluation Schedule:
For Grade 11 and 12 Courses

In the event of Inclement Weather, please check our website or School Day for updates.
PD Day                           :  Friday, February 3, 2023
First day of Semester 2:  Monday, February 6, 2023
Semester 2 Timetables:  Students will receive their timetables on this day.

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