Huron Heights is excited to welcome all of our students and staff back for in-person learning on Monday, January 17th, 2022!

To ensure a safe return to in-person learning for everyone, we have a few important COVID19 Health and Safety Reminders:

Daily School Screening and Verification

The Ontario School Screener Tool has been updated. 

  • All students will have to confirm that they have completed the Ontario COVID-19 School Screener and received clearance to attend school (Green Check) using the WRDSB Secondary Student Verification Portal. Morning course teachers will check this daily. 

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

  • When attending in person, students will be permitted to enter the school after 7:30 am and must proceed directly to their classroom (open by 7:45am)
    • Please remember there will be no student drop-off/pick-up at the front of the school. This entrance is for our bused students and walkers only. Students who are dropped off must enter through the rear parking lot receiving doors adjacent to the Library. 
    • Walkers may choose the Strasburg Road doors, main doors, receiving doors, or rear Portables doors, (depending on where they are coming from) and proceed DIRECTLY to their classes

Social Distancing 

Students are not permitted to gather in the hallways or other common spaces.  Please pay special attention to directional arrows, staircase directions, and capacity limitations to common spaces such as washrooms and offices.  


  • Students must wear masks indoors, including in hallways, during classes, and on school vehicles
  • Students may wear their own, or school-provided non-medical masks
  • During nutrition break, students should wear their masks as much as possible. Limit removal of the mask to only moments when you are eating and drinking. Please aim to have your mask off for only a few minutes.

Nutrition Break 

  • Students choosing to stay indoors will be required to eat lunch in their first-period classroom
  • Cafeteria food service will be available for ‘grab and go’ items
    • Students will be required to return immediately to their classroom or leave the building once they have picked up their food
    • Staff will be encouraged to open windows during nutrition break
  • Students will be permitted to leave the building during the nutrition break. However, upon return students must go directly to their first-period  classroom for the remainder of the nutrition break.
  • Students are not required to wear masks outdoors, but physical distancing must be maintained as much as possible.

Extra-Curricular Activities


Short Term Virtual Learning

We understand some parents and caregivers may not feel comfortable sending their children back to in-person learning at this time. Schools will be offering a Short Term Virtual Learning option to meet the needs of families who wish to temporarily continue with remote learning. Further details will be provided shortly.

Thank you,

HHSS Admin Administration

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