HHSS Student Retrieval of items from Lockers and Return of Materials on loan

Dear Students and Families, 

We are pleased to share HHSS’s plan for the retrieval of student belongings from lockers and return of HHSS  loaned items (text books, team jerseys and equipment and Chromebooks if not continuing within the WRDSB).  

It is not mandatory that students in Grade 9 to Grade 11 remove their belongings from their locker in June. Students will have the same lockers in September that they had this current year.

If students would like to retrieve their belongings from their lockers they may enter the school for 5 – 15 minutes on the scheduled days for their Grade level. 

We would request that all students return their textbooks/library books.  If a student does not require entry into the school to retrieve items from their lockers they can drop the textbooks/library books into the bin located outside the front entrance of the school.. 

June 16th Grade 9 Students 

9:00 to 11:00 am surnames A – M 

11:00 am to 1:00 pm  surnames N – Z

June 17th Grade 10 Students

9:00 am to 11:00 am surnames A – M 

11:00 am to 1:00 pm surnames N – Z

June 18 Grade 11 Students

9:00 am to 11:00 am surnames A – M 

11:00 am to 1:00 pm  surnames N – Z

The WRDSB has an obligation to follow physical distancing requirements set out by the Government of Ontario both outside and inside the facility at all times. Staff will be onsite to greet, check-in, guide and assist students both inside and outside the building.  

Grade 9, Grade 10 and Grade 11 Lockers that are not cleared will be left untouched (unless perishable items are suspected) until your return in September.  


June 22nd Grade 12 Student Locker Clean out and Material Returns :  

9:00 am to 11:00 am Surnames A – M

11:00 am to 1:00 pm  Surnames N – Z

Upon coming back to the school to clean out your locker Grade 12’s and those not returning to the WRDSB are required to return chromebooks and chargers. Chromebooks and their charging cords are the property of the Waterloo Region District School Board and must be returned upon leaving Huron Heights Secondary School. Chromebooks are to be returned regardless of their condition. Students will not be charged if they return a damaged device. Chromebooks that are not returned will be disabled by WRDSB Information Technology Services.

To assist with the return of the chromebook please make sure your name is on the sticker on the bottom of the Chromebook

Students who are leaving the WRDSB will have their Google Drive and email accounts closed in August. These students are STRONGLY recommended to back up all documents and emails to their personal drive/accounts before the end of the semester.  Apps such as Google Takeout can make this process easier. Students should consider following  this tutorial to assist with the process.

It is important to review the expectations for Entry into the School  Please see the Guidelines below. 

Before Coming to the School


Please find information below which outlines the health and safety practices that must be followed as you and your child enter the school to retrieve belongings from lockers.

Before coming to the school it is imperative that the parent/guardian and child complete the Region of Waterloo Public Health COVID-19 Self-Assessment and 

    • Be free of COVID-19 symptoms
    • Not have been in close contact with any individual diagnosed with COVID-19 or exhibiting potential COVID-19 symptoms
    • If the self-assessment indicates recommendations for care/isolation, and/or the conditions a) or b) are not met, do not come to the school/site.
    • Note that washrooms and drinking fountains will not be available for parents/guardians or students.

Items to bring Checklist


  • Face Covering: Families/Students are encouraged to bring and wear masks or appropriate face coverings. Please note, masks will not be provided to students by the WRDSB and are not required.
  • Locker combo and Number  (we can help you if you forgot it).
  • Library books
  • Text books
  • Sporting equipment and team jerseys
  • Chromebook – Return your chromebook only if you are a Grade 12 student or not returning to HHSS for September 2020.

Do not bring any other personal items (water bottles, bags, boxes…) as they will not be allowed in the building. A plastic bag and gloves will be provided upon entry to the school.

At this time  we cannot accommodate social visits on our property during a Provincial State of Emergency Order. 



If you driving:

  • Park in every other spot to allow at least 2 metres (6.5 feet) of distance between your vehicle and any other vehicle(s) that may be present. 
  • Do not park in the roundabout or bus drop off areas. 


Entering/Exiting the School:  Access only through the Front Entrance and Exit through the Strasburg Road Exit. 


  • Please line up outside the front entrance door according to the physical distancing mark
  • A member of our staff will be at the front entrance door to review Health and Safety information and provide you with information for how to move through the school site to your locker.
  • You will be provided with a bag to collect your personal items.


Checking In:

Students will approach staff at the reception desk in the foyer who will:

  • ask students their name
  • confirm their locker information
  • provide them with their locker combo (if on record) and
  • instruct them as to how to turn in any materials owing before heading to their lockers.
  • Staff will be available to cut locks for which the combo is not known.

Collecting Items from Lockers:


For students retrieving items from lockers, please use the bag provided as quickly and efficiently as possible. Classrooms will not be accessible. Students will remove personal items and throw out any items they don’t want into the garbage bins provided. Textbooks and other items on loan that are removed from lockers can be returned by students as they exit the building through the Strasburg Road exit. 

Travelling through the School:


Please travel directly to your locker.  No other areas of the school will be open to students.  As you travel through the school, reminder signs will be posted regarding social (physical) distancing and hygiene practices. Please ensure that you are practicing social (physical) distance at all times – ensuring you maintain a 2 metre (6.5 feet) physical distance between you and others at all times. For multi-floor schools, stairwells will be marked as either ‘going up’ or ‘going down’, please ensure that you follow these directions to ensure social (physical) distancing in these small areas. 

Exiting the School:

As students exit out the Strasburg Road doors, there will be an opportunity to return items on loan that were recovered from their lockers. Please remember to ensure that you are practicing social (physical) distance at all times – ensuring you maintain a 2 metre (6.5 feet) physical distance between you. Please promptly leave school property to allow for others to come and retrieve their personal belongings and turn in materials.

Important Notes:

    • School washrooms will be closed
    • School Offices and classrooms will be closed.

If you or your child is feeling ill in any way, please do not come to the school. 


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