Holiday Week Events 2018

Let’s have some fun as we wrap up our final week before our 2-week break!

Monday – Carol Sing in the Foyer @ 7:40AM
Tuesday – Pictures with Santa Harley in the Foyer @ lunch (free)
Wednesday – Gingerbread House Competition @ lunch
Thursday – Wear your favourite festive sweaters and hats today! Candycane Grams are being delivered as well.
Friday – Christmas Assembly


The DOOR DECORATING Competition commences on Monday:

Reigning champion – Ms. Gardiner (Room 1612)
Prize up for grabs – Door Decorating Plaque + Coffee & Donuts in January.

Guidelines for door decorating contest:

  • Doors will be judged on Thursday, December 20th  during Period 5.  
  • You may use any materials, provided they do not interfere with the entrance of the room.
  • All decorations must be removable.  They cannot damage or permanently mark the door or windows on the door.
  • Only masking tape is allowed to stick decorations to the doors.
  • No tape or other supplies can be provided by Student Activities or the Art Department due to limited supplies.  Please arrange to bring your own.
  • Double doors do not have an advantage over single doors.
  • Portable doors will be decorated and judged from the inside of the door.
  • Only decorations directly on the door will be judged.  If decorations exceed the physical door then they will not be counted.

Judging criteria: 

Overall visual impact, neatness & craftsmanship, space well utilized, originality & creativity, holiday theme.

The winning Door Entry will be announced at the Assembly on Friday.

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