GRT & School Bus -Specials During Exams

GRT Bus Schedule During Exams

GRT will be able to provide school specials during exams.

The morning school special will run through exams at its regular time. The afternoon school specials will not run, but will be replaced by two mid-day specials.

The first, will depart from across Strasburg Rd at 10:15 , and serve the Route33 Huron Village area. (We don’t have mid-day service on that route).

The second will depart from the Strasburg Rd GRT stop at 10:30 and take students on Strasburg Rd, as far as Forest Glen Plaza.

Huron Heights Special Bus Times During Exams: Schedule

Good to know: Students should be aware that GRT’s Summer Schedule starts on Monday June 25. Many routes have reduced frequency, which may affect any student that transfers at Forest Glen Plaza from Route 3 Ottawa South, or Route 12 Fairview/Conestoga Mall.

School Bus Schedule During Exams

School buses will have regular pick up times in the morning.

School buses will have an altered schedule for the afternoon runs home: Buses will arrive at HHSS at  12:30PM and depart the school at 12:45PM.

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