Special GRT Bus Schedule over January 2018 Exam period

GRT has a Special Bus Schedule for students to use during the January 2018 Exam Period. Details are outlined below.

Since  GRT  does not offer mid-day Route 33 service to the Huron Village area on a normal basis, a School Special will be provided that will go to the Huron Village area leaving from Strasburg Rd, opposite the school at 10:10 a.m.  That  same bus will then return to do a 10:30 a.m. express trip to Forest Glen Plaza, to help out the Route 16, which arrives a few minutes later.

Most Huron Heights students can use Route 16 to get either to the Pioneer Park area, or to Forest Glen, where they can transfer to several different routes.

Since some students do not use our service on a regular basis, information about the fare structure is included in the attachment.

Further information can be found @ www.grt.ca and GRT Winter 2018 HRH Exam Bus Info

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