*** NOTE:  the My School Day App is our school app for the student planner/agenda, event calendar, and important notifications.  For the School-Day online payment system, click on the School-Day link on the main Huron Heights home page.


Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. (requires iOS 8 or higher)

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Available for Android™ devices. (requires Android 5.1 or higher)

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From the developers of the My School Day App:

Today’s students are both more tech savvy and connected than ever before, and more in need of accurate and timely information and tools to manage their school life.

Unlike a static print agenda, our My School Day app is a living, dynamic resource and information conduit for students that is always with them. With full support for rotating timetables and altered bell schedules for special event days, aggregation of information on school events, news posts, and updates through notifications, it provides the tools for students to be better informed and organized.

The ability for each student to customize the notifications, news and calendar information they receive based on their own classes and interests lets them focus on the things relevant to them and helps avoid information overload and tuning out. Having an easy method to stay informed about classes, clubs, and activities they’re interested in helps students to be more engaged in the school community.

For more information visit https://myschoolday.app/welcome


From Huron Heights Secondary School:

When prompted during the installation select ‘Accept notifications’.  Notifications are only sent for important school-wide info as well as snow day alerts, etc.  We don’t spam users.