At Huron Heights, we run an MSIP (Multi-Subject Instructional Period) student timetable which has been designed to improve student learning, well-being, and achievement. The MSIP timetable is part of our collective desire to provide the students of Huron Heights with the richest possible learning environment. A typical semestered school system has four 75 minute teaching blocks.  The MSIP timetable takes 15 minutes from each block, creating five 60 minute classes , one of which becomes a student’s MSIP class. It is a student’s responsibility to take advantage of the opportunity to improve their learning through MSIP. MSIP provides an opportunity to: complete homework, work in pairs or small groups, read recreationally, study for tests or exams, work ahead on course projects or assigned readings, travel to meet with teachers for extra help, and/or use the library. The MSIP period is part of the required hours of study for each course a student takes. Missing MSIP jeopardizes completion of a student’s courses and the subsequent attainment of course credits; therefore, it is the student’s responsibility to attend each day and to optimize their learning during MSIP.

Students are required and expected to:

  • Attend all MSIP classes and have attendance recorded as per student timetable.
  • Use their MSIP period to complete assigned subject work, prepare for tests and read subject related materials and complete enrichment activities to enhance knowledge.
  • Respect the learning needs of others by completing work independently and/or quietly.

Students wishing to work in groups must ask the MSIP teacher for permission and show that they are working on the project indicated in an educationally appropriate manner.